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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

release time:2016-03-29


  WC67K Syncho hydraulic CNC press brake / bending machine
      with DELEM DA52s CNC control system

  Basic features
  • Advanced proportional valve controls the hydraulic cylinders to work synchronously and achieve precise reliability performance
  • Be capable of be controlled at random point within the stroke
  • Repeatability precision +/-0.01mm,parallelism precision +/-0.02mm
  • Deflection compensation table or crowning system for high precision
  • Holland Delem DA52s CNC together with linear encoder,Bosch-Rexroth valves,servo motors and other famous brand elements to ensure excellent performance

• Quick clamps is for easy operation of removing and changing upper punch tools

  • Nylon material is used for front support to avoid scratch of sheets and improve the bending process

• Ram stroke (Y1,Y2) and backgauge (X,R) are controlled by CNC

• Backgauge installed with ball screw and linear guide rail,ensuring high accuracy of repetition

  • Multi-axis CNC controlled synchronous press brake available as metal sheet fabricating center

  Optional elements for plate bending machine

  Light curtain/ Laser curtain for personal saftey, especially to protect the fingers

Compensation table for anti-deflection (wedge screw type) (linear type)


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